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What’s Claire Donahue Doing In Quarantine?

What is keeping Sequoyah students busy? How are people staying sane? Let’s stay connected in this weird time by at least knowing what our peers are snacking on. This week I interviewed one of our juniors, Claire Donahue, to see how she is using her quarantine time.

How do u feel abt quarantine?

It’s alright. Some days I really feel like I’m settling into it and others I feel super overwhelmed and bored.

What is the first thing u do in the morning? Last thing you do before bed?

Hit snooze on the alarm and then honestly probably check my phone. Before I go to sleep I usually listen to music or watch Looking For Alaska and Unorthodox.

What time have u been going to sleep?

My sleep schedule is pretty crazy at the moment. Usually, 11ish. Sometimes a lot earlier and then I wake up crazy early to do homework I’ve procrastinated on.

What has been ur go-to quarantine activity?

I’ve been FaceTiming and calling my friends a lot and watching TikTok compilations on YouTube because I’m too stubborn to download the app.

Favorite snack recently?

Chocolate chips

How have u kept urself sane?

I’ve been going on long walks and biking

Have u been cooking?

Not really. My mom’s been baking a lot of bread and cookies which is pretty great

Remember to text your friends and peers these questions to see how and what they are doing. Everyone could use a friendly check-in right now. But if you forget, we will check-in for you and there will be new student’s responses every week. 🙂