What’s Adam Lurvey Doing In Quarantine?

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Seeing how Sequoyah is dealing with this weird time is critical to staying connected! This week I interviewed sophomore Adam Lurvey to see what’s keeping him busy, what he’s snacking on, and generally how he’s staying sane!

How do u feel abt quarantine?

Quarantine can be annoying sometimes, but I have found it to be a good opportunity to pursue interests I otherwise wouldn’t have had time or motivation to pursue. I have been trying to do my part in the coronavirus crisis. I am working with Dominik to organize a blood drive for the Red Cross (because they’re running low with canceled blood drives), I created a website to help labs, hospitals, and public health departments find COVID tests and vaccines in development, and I’m contacting maker spaces and institutions with 3D printers across the county to get them to print PPE [personal protective equipment] for hospitals. I’ve also been using my free time to play basketball and getting my driver’s license!

What is the first thing u do in the morning? Last thing you do before bed?

The first thing I do in the morning is get up and log into Zoom so my class is set up and ready to go. Before I go to sleep, I set up my 3-D printer to keep running overnight to produce PPE (personal protective equipment), for front-line workers.

What time have u been going to sleep?

I’ve been going to sleep around 11-12, which gives me about 8 hours of sleep.

What has been ur go-to quarantine activity?

My go-to quarantine activity is watching old Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes.

Favorite snack recently?

My favorite snack is probably meringues, which I only recently rediscovered as an amazing snack!

How have u kept urself sane?

I have kept myself sane by talking to people a lot, and by finding ways to help with the situation. I was inspired by [freshman] Alex [Forman] to help print face shields for an international research collaborative. I also spent almost my spring break developing a website to help public health officials track, find, and meet their coronavirus testing and vaccine requirements.

Have u been cooking anything?

I have been cooking breakfast foods like French toast and scrambled eggs (staying classy hahahah).

Remember to text your friends and peers these questions to see how and what they are doing. Everyone could use a friendly check-in right now. But if you forget, we will check in for you, and there will be new student’s responses every week. 🙂