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What’s Max Adams Doing In Quarantine?

A Quick Series of How Sequoyah Students Are Doing During Quarantine

What is keeping Sequoyah students busy? How are people staying sane? Let’s stay connected in this weird time by at least knowing what our peers are snacking on. This week I interviewed our beloved senior Max Adams to see how he is using his quarantine time.

How do u feel abt quarantine?

I feel bad for those who have been given the short end of the stick, but I don’t mind it myself.

What is the first thing u do in the morning? Last thing you do before bed?

The first thing I do in the morning is check what time it is. Last thing I do before I go to sleep is wish my girlfriend goodnight.

What time have u been going to sleep?

I’ve been going to sleep anywhere from 11 pm – 4 am.

What has been ur go-to quarantine activity?

My go-to activity is eating and/or reading. I’ve been reading The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje and “Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs” by Henry Carrol

Favorite snack recently?

My favorite snack is probably Cheerios. 

How have u kept urself sane?

I’ve been keeping myself sane by being creative–making music, doing art, cooking.

What have u been cooking?

I’ve been making dinner for my family one-to-two times a week and breakfast just about as often. 

Some of my dishes include kale pasta, personal pizzas, french toast, breakfast burritos, mint chip ice cream, and bread.

Remember to text your friends and peers these questions to see how and what they are doing. Everyone could use a friendly check-in right now. But if you forget, we will check-up for you and there will be new student’s responses every week. 🙂

Featured image: With extra time, Max Adams finds himself contemplating a ladybug crawling on his hand.