Wednesday, April 1st, 2020


Throughout Mods 1–3, many art classes were offered at Sequoyah’s high school, including painting, printmaking, installation, and sculpture. The art shown here, which showcases the materials and styles students have worked with, is a collection of pieces from these...
It is a bad time in the province of Skyrim. The Altermarie Dominion, known to many as High Elves, is recovering from a brutal war with the Imperials. Our hero, Runaan, is a Wood Elf archer, assassin, and thief....

Thank You GG

A combination of the traditional Japanese chicken dish Katsu, and the classic Italian-American pasta sauce, this dish is simple enough for beginners and filling enough for a family of ten. Admittedly, this is more of a panko chicken breast...
To those of you who do not know, Marc Alongi is the director of Sequoyah’s high school. He is a dedicated and hardworking man, but there has been controversy swirling around his figure for a while - specifically what...

Sequoyah Dances Back

Songs by a smattering of LGBTQ+ artists - through their song and representation they make space for us all to be more inclusive and loving. Let's celebrate their art!

Two Types of People


Soy Milk