Would You Rather

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The Barefoot Times asked people around the K–8 campus a variety of “would you rather” questions.

Would you rather only wear green for the rest of your life or eat it?

9/10 people said wear it and 1/10 said eat it.

Would you rather have no clothes in the snow or a snowsuit in the desert?

1/10 people said no clothes and 9/10 said snowsuit.

Would you rather not speak or not hear?

5/10 people said not speak and the other 5/10 said not hear.

Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald?

2/10 people said be really hairy and 8/10 people said be completely bald.

Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

4/10 people said they would rather be half their height and 6/10 said double their weight.

Would you rather be the ball or the basket?

4/10 people said they would rather be the ball and 6/10 said the basket.

Would you rather live in a pumpkin or live in a shoe?

4/10 said pumpkin and 6/10 said shoe.