Social Media Buzzwords

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Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are where a great number of young adults spend their free time nowadays.  And along with the site comes the language. Social media “buzzwords” are part of a string of trends that were born on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The word “selfie,” Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 Word of the Year, which most of us are at least somewhat familiar with, is only one of the many trendy words, terms, expressions, and phrases that are becoming common in young adults’ active vocabulary. 

So for the benefit of teachers, parents, and the not-yet-initiated, the Barefoot Times has compiled a list of recent phrases, terms, and expressions which, if they aren’t yet in the OED, are still part of the kids’ lexicons (and probably the often more useful Urban Dictionary) these days.  Use them to decode your students, your children, your friends, but please, please don’t try to use them yourself, if you’re over the age of 20.  

I ship it: The act loving or rooting for the relationship between two characters or people.

I ship us :  The act of pairing, loving, or rooting for the relationship between yourself and another person or character.

Otp: One true pairing. Your favorite combination or relationship of characters in a fandom.

Tb/t: Throwback/Thursday. 

Fbf: Flash Back Friday

Mcm: Man Crush Monday

Wcw: Woman Crush Wednesday