How Well Do You Know Your Teachers?

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Have you ever wanted to know more about Sequoyah’s high school faculty? Ever wondered what their college nicknames were, where they have studied, or what their ancestors did? Ever thought “gee, I wonder what fun things my teacher did as a kid?” Well, look no further! Here is one fun fact about each member of the high school faculty.

Marc Alongi once shook the Mayor of Providence’s hand in front of 200 screaming children while dressed as Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Josh Brody was a pop music star in Nepal.

Ronnie Bryan is a direct descendant of Sir Francis Bryan, who delivered Henry VIII’s divorce papers of Catherine of Aragon to the pope, and helped introduce him to his next wife.

Ian Chang’s friend won a lottery in 1st grade which granted him the prize of riding a camel around the school campus, but his friend was too scared so Chang got to ride it instead.

Chelsea Confalone’s great-great grandfather was the first Jewish store owner in Santa Monica, and his daughter was the first Jewish baby born in Santa Monica.

Debbie Deems is the youngest of ten children, five of whom were born in Ireland while the other five were born in the U.S.

Ben Ede has a world record from participating in the world’s largest dodgeball game.

Lindsey Graham sang The Little Mermaid songs to her parakeet, Skye, and her plush toy animals when she was a kid. It did not help Skye’s nervous condition.

Patricia Han studied in Florence, Italy for her junior year of college.

Elsa von Heydenreich was Miss May in her Crossfit box calendar.

Sean Hamidi has taken a road trip across the entire U.S. more than a half dozen times.

Laura Haney was in an emo band called Mercy Kills for one day, in which she played the MIDI keyboard and worked the lightshow.

Justin Kenderes has climbed a 2,000 foot sheer cliff, which took 10–11 hours.

Kristine Nakada thinks that everyone needs to try peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

Viviana Palacio had to wear casts on her arms for six months when she was in college because she fractured them in a paragliding accident, earning her the nickname RoboCop.

Marisol Perez once had a conversation with Maya Angelou about persimmon cake.

Julian Petri was tricked into believing his carpet was magical by his sister, but would only learn to fly when he turned ten. So when he turned ten, his parents locked all the windows so he would not try to jump out with the carpet.

RJ Sakai has had a goal of visiting all the state capitals in the U.S. since he was in sixth grade; so far he has visited 39.

Arden Thomas used to live in Philadelphia where she rode motorcycles with friends up into New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire to go rock climbing in remote areas.

Justin Thompson’s front teeth are not real because they got knocked out by a cow when he was in sixth grade.

Ilan Vaisman would go up to random people when he was about six or seven years old and ask for a scary story.

Peter Wallis used to wear a superman onesie under his regular clothes when he was five, so he could burst out of them when he got home.


John Dewis randomly encountered Muhammad Ali in a hotel lobby when he was eleven. When Dewis went to say hi, Ali, instead of shaking hands, hoisted him onto his shoulders and carried him around the lobby.