Gaga Pit Returning

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The gaga pit is coming back–this time on the lower in a place yet to be decided. The gaga pit is a chest-to-waist-high octagonal arena made of wood and metal, as shown in diagram A. In the game, gaga ball, the point is for a player to hit the ball at another player, aiming to strike him or her from the knees down. A player struck by the ball below the knees is out.  The last person in the arena wins.

According to PE teacher Ben Moran, the pit was removed last year to make room for the Junior High play and to reduce the noise for Junior High science classes.  According to Donna Last year, students liked the gaga pit so much that when they got out of class they ran to the pit.

While the gaga pit still remains in storage, Lucy King of the Junior High, the student body president, has plans to take it out and put it somewhere else on the lower. But Moran, on the other hand, wants to take it out and have it remain on the upper. Ben thinks it would be great if lowers came to the upper more often. The plan is to make a cutout in the planks for safe entering and exiting.

Diagram A is the gaga Pit from an aerial view. Diagram B is an outside view of the cutout side of the Gaga Pit. Diagram C is an inside view of the cutout.