Asking Sequoyah About North Dakota’s Voter ID Laws

Hey Sequoyah, welcome to a brand new GMC production! A weekly video segment discussing current events with students! Enjoy!

This is a big year for Native American voters coming up in the midterm elections. We have a record amount of Native Americans running for office. In North Dakota, there has been a controversial law that was challenged in courts but ultimately upheld, requiring people to bring evidence of residential address to the polls in order to vote. There are many Native Americans in North Dakota who live on these tribal lands that typically don’t have street addresses or street names and it’s making it very difficult for them to vote because, in the past, they could have used P.O. boxes or tribal identification cards. But now they’re not allowed to use that, so it’s making it very difficult for them to vote in the mid term elections. This change in policy has been said to prevent voter fraud, but many feel that it’s unfairly targeting a minority group before a very important election. So, let’s hear what you guys have to say about it!