When our Days End

    As he tries to look around, Blake’s vision blurs. All he can make out is a man standing in the middle of the room holding some sort of can. The figure in question leans down to look right at Blake.

    “You know, it’s interesting, human life is like a can of Coke: you can choose how fast it drains.” The man takes another sip, then tosses the can to the back of the room. 

    Blake tries to look around the room but his head is ringing and his vision is still too blurry to make out where he is. All he sees is the glint of something shiny in the man’s hand.

    Knife!, he thinks. They’re going to torture me! Blake tries to remember everything that has led up to this moment but his mind is blank. Come on you idiot, think!  

    “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I need to,” the man says. 

    Blake hears faint gunshots in the distance, and another man runs into the room with a rifle draped over his shoulder. The gunshots get louder and more piercing. The man puts away the knife and turns to look at the other guy. They begin to talk in a language that Blake can’t understand. What is that, German? No, that can’t be right. I think it’s Russian, he thinks to himself. 

    All of a sudden an explosion rocks the ground and blows the door off. The light from the explosion almost blinds Blake as his chair falls over.

    He looks up to see both men on the ground, completely still. Through the dust another man appears wearing camo gear and a bandana over his face. He immediately leans down and attempts to untie Blake. 

    “Come on man, get up, the bandits are coming!” he tells him. 

    The man slings his arm under Blake’s arm and pulls him up, and Blake feels a sharp pain in his chest and side. 

    “Let’s go!” the mystery man yells. 

    They both exit the building and enter the hellfire. Dust and bullets are flying everywhere, and bodies scatter the ground. They eventually make it to the hills.  There they can catch a break.

    “Ok, I’m gonna put you down next to this tree and check you out,” the man says. 

    Blake’s head is spinning.  So much has just happened to him and he has no memory of how he got there in the first place.  

    “Hey man, I know you just went through some crazy stuff, but really try to get some rest.” 

    Blake nods. “Why did you go through the trouble of saving me from them?” he asks. 

    “I’ll tell you after you wake up.  Get some rest.” the man repeats, and Blake knows better than to argue.