Little Reflection: A Playlist

    This playlist reflects on the current political moment that we have experienced this past year. The playlist has a mixture of different genres of music. Many of the songs were included because their lyrics are incredibly relevant to current events, while others are just some feel-good songs. For example, Run The Jewels’ “Walking In The Snow” came out right as the Black Lives Matters protests began. Even though the song was recorded in the fall of 2019, it struck hard in early June as Killer Mike whispers in the middle of the song, “I can’t breathe.” While at the time of its recording, the line sought to recognize Eric Garner, today it also honors  George Floyd. Blondie’s “Dreaming” and “Stay High” by Brittany Howard were added to convey a message of hope.  Meanwhile, Sadgirl’s “Little Queenie” made the list for its calm and feel-good quality.