Avid Artists: Caspian Fatheree

    The Gryphon Media Company wants to highlight student visual artists through a series of articles dedicated to showcasing work they have done at Sequoyah. Throughout the series we will touch on artists using different media, styles, and techniques. In this second interview, we spoke with Caspian Fatheree. 

    Caspian Fatheree, a freshman, is taking Viviana Palacios’s Foundation in Studio Art class. Fatheree has recently been working on a self portrait portraying her and her brother’s relationship. She explores line, shape, and form and uses color to express meaning.

    Caspian Fatheree (2020) Oil Pastels on Cardboard 

    When asked about her ideas behind the piece Fatheree states,  “I wanted to show that we share one brain, and that we can’t function without each other because of how close we are. Sharing a brain really shows how well we know each other, to the point where we can read each other completely.” 

    Fatheree further explains her piece, noting: 

    In my piece we are looking away from each other but also sharing a brain. I didn’t want us to be looking in opposite directions, so I put the extra faces on the side to show that we are still looking at each other. It symbolizes that no matter where we go, we will always be with each other. I gave us each a certain color palette based on our inner personalities. I gave myself red because my knowledge of the world is better than his, and sometimes things in the world make me angry; this makes me want to change the things that are imperfect. I gave my brother blue to show kindness and calmness, because that is the kind of person that he is. I used purple for the brain because it is the color you get when you mix red and blue, but also because purple is the color for Epilepsy awareness.

    One can see that Fatheree’s piece is full of meaning and personal connections, which really make it come to life.