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Sequoyah Ends Basketball Season

Sequoyah’s high school boys and girls basketball teams recently finished their best season in Sequoyah history. The boys ended their season with an overall record of 6-6 and a league record of 6-2. The girls had a league record of 4-3. 

Along with a great season, three seniors on the boys team played their final season. Max Adam, Beaujais Harris-Kamal, and Tor Lansing all ended their Sequoyah basketball careers on February 12, 2020. This year’s team also included many first-time players, including freshman Beckett Ledahl, sophomores Adam Lurvey and Jackson Grant, and junior Keenan Cole-Mglaughin.

On the girls team, four seniors, Mia Carrillo, Charlotte Walker, Pearl Harris, and Sarah Hughes, ended their Sequoyah basketball careers on February 13, 2020. There were also four first-time, freshmen players on the girls’ basketball team: Anna Bluestone, Dahlia Kim Levy, Harlow Lehman-Rhoads, and Adrian Crick.

Lurvey found this season to be “so much fun,” because “I’ve gotten to really get to know the people on the team and I’ve gotten to learn the sport. I’ve gotten to really find something I am passionate about overall.” Lurvey felt that the seniors on the team “really care about the people on the team … and are more than just basketball players, they’re great people.”

Adams and Harris-Kamal were two out of the three seniors on the boy’s basketball team. Adams noted that “the culture around sports has grown” at Sequoyah since 2016. He explained that in “Freshman year, two people would come to our games and it was usually the same people, this year we had more people coming to games and also more people wanting to play.”

Upon reflecting on the season, Harris-Kamal said he “regretted not playing last year” because “playing with these guys has been one of the best experiences of my life” and is saddened “that we’ll never be able to play competitively again. I will miss the team unity.”

This was sophomore Ada Argueta’s first year playing on the basketball team. When asked about the impact the seniors had on her, she said, “The seniors are very good cheerleaders, they motivate me and tell me what to do because it’s my first time playing basketball.” She was then asked if the school has done a good job at getting behind the sports program, “There is still a lot of progress to be made. We need help making sure we have the right locations to play games and practice. Playing at the K–8 isn’t great.”