Winter Fashion Trends

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This winter there are so many trends sweeping the world, including looks brought back from the 90s and new original ideas. Fashion and makeup have been a huge part of this season. From chokers to liquid lipstick, I bring you this winter’s trends.

Bomber Jackets

Pink bomber jacket (

This winter bomber jackets have been the trendiest way to keep warm, especially ones with embroidery on the back. Trendy colors for these jackets include: navy, burgundy, maroon, pink, army green, black and white. Around Sequoyah, kids in all grades have been seen sporting the bomber jacket.


Thin chokers (

Chokers may be the trend of this winter. There are many different styles, materials and colors chokers can be. They are a way to make any outfit more fashionable. These are definitely a winter closet staple. At Sequoyah, chokers have become part of the everyday look for many girls in grades fifth through eighth.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans with rip (

This year, mom jeans are making a comeback. These have many different styles, like plain, ripped, or embroidered. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid always wear mom jeans.

Baby doll dresses and t-shirts

She wears black but has the most colorful mind ✨ #melaninmonday

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This has been a very popular combo this winter. There are so many different ways to style this one. You could pair it with chokers, boots, or a bomber jacket. This is a simple yet sleek look that everyone can pull off.

Velvet boots

Rose gold, velvet boots (

This trend may not have swept the planet like chokers or babydoll dresses, but it has still made its mark. I think that this trend will keep growing through the winter and spring.


Highlighter palette (

Highlighter got its big break last spring. Since then it has been one of the most popular makeup products. By using warmer tones, this look can provide major winter vibes.

Dark red liquid lipstick

I'm still watching Halloween movies Eyes: a lot of stuff (I filmed it) Lips: "burgundy" by Italia

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Dark red has always been a winter classic. However, this year liquid lipstick takes over. Ever since Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Lip Kits, liquid lipsticks have been huge. Add a sprinkle of winter to your look with dark red.