Upper Safety

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Kids often get hurt on the upper. I think that we as a school need to find a way to prevent kids from getting hurt so often on the upper. Kids get hit in the face by balls, kids get hit by larger kids, and kids fall to the ground and hurt their heads and limbs every day. 

I understand that we cannot change the concrete on the upper, but I think that we students can use a higher level of caution when playing on the upper at break and lunch. Kids, if you’re on the upper, and you’re running around or playing a game, I recommend that you be aware of your own body and of other people around you. If you are an older kid, be careful not to body-check anyone or toss balls at random.  I have been hit in the face with basketballs and run over by big kids, so I know from my personal experience how much it hurts. 

I think a good solution would be to have teachers enforce the current rule that bans running on Gryphon Plaza.