Top 6 Beauty Vloggers

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YouTube, as a big social media platform, has many different types of people that upload all kinds of video content to the site, but video bloggers, or “vloggers,” reign among the most prominent. They may not have the most subscribers, but their fans are the most dedicated. Their fans, ranging from six to 20 years old, wait in line for up to six hours just to take a picture with their favorite vloggers. Vloggers are also consistently discussed on other social medias. 

Among the most discussed is the beauty vlogger. Beauty vloggers are usually girls in their late teens and early twenties who make YouTube videos about crafts, fashion, makeup, and comedy. They also have vlog channels (where they post their vlog videos) aside from their main YouTube channels. Vlogging, for them, means that they take videos of everything they are doing, using, or wearing every day–or, for some, every week. 

Care about the latest trends? Want to cut through the YouTube clutter? Here are The Barefoot Times’ top six beauty vloggers:

Alisha Marie


She is the most relatable of the popular beauty bloggers, specializing in “life hack” videos. Life hacks are videos in which YouTubers give you tips about things that will make your life easier. She can be sickly sweet, not to mention annoying, because her tone so often seems fake. Her frequent laughter often seems forced. 

Nonetheless, it is surprisingly entertaining to watch her conduct her everyday life, going to Starbucks, hanging out with her friends. She lives in California, where most famous beauty vloggers live, allowing easy collaboration with other YouTubers. Collaborations are really fun to watch because instead of just having one YouTuber in a video, you have two or more. 

Alisha’s fun and bubbly style shines in hilarious videos like, “Ten Things Everyone Does,” and “Winter Morning Routine Expectation vs. Reality.” Watching the vlogs give you an insight into everything she is thinking and doing. You really feel like you understand how she sees life.

Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella

Zoella celebrating 10 million subscribers on YouTube (ZOE SUGG / ZOELLA.CO.UK)

She is a British YouTuber, and the most famous YouTuber on this list with ten million subscribers. She is the most adorable person on YouTube for sure. She is always laughing and making funny jokes. Also, she is British, which automatically make her cute. Her makeup videos are particularly useful, including “My Everyday Makeup Routine” and “My 2015 Beauty Favorites.” 

If you love Christmas, she is your go-to girl. She might be the only person who likes Christmas as much as I do. She has too many cute Christmas videos to count; however, this repetition of theme is probably her Achilles heel. Her videos can get a little too similar after a while.

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn lives in Utah, where few other YouTubers live, but that does not keep her from making super-exciting videos. She is the best YouTuber for traveling, as she makes travel diaries from all her trips. She has many exciting travel diaries, from places like Cabo San Lucas, Bora Bora, San Francisco, and Hawaii. Her use of drones to take really cool birdseye views of the places she travels really helps the videos seem professional and more enjoyable. With her great editing, fun music, and cool filming techniques, her travel diaries have a really nice and pretty effect. 

She also does craft, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty videos. However, at times she too seems fairly fake and acts as if she is pretending to have a good time. Also, because she lives in Utah, she never collaborates with other YouTubers. She also has a vlog channel, where she vlogs with her husband, Parker. Her vlogs are a great way to connect with her and see her lifestyle.

Sierra Furtado

Sierra is a Canadian YouTuber who recently moved to Los Angeles. She is the trendiest person who has ever lived. With her beautiful hair, cute face, and amazing personality, she is pretty hypnotizing. She has many videos showing how to take trendy Instagram photos, and just how to be trendy in general. However, if you are looking for a laugh, she is not your girl. Although adorably hilarious at times, Sierra does not make videos that are supposed to be funny.

Amanda Steele

Amanda is different than most of her fellow beauty vloggers. She has a slightly more “grunge” take on life than the others. She is always impeccably dressed in black and other neutral colors. From her black long coats to her pastel hair, she always looks super-stylish. She also has her own sunglasses line. She is the go-to YouTube for fashion advice.

Amanda is also more calm and chill than the other YouTubers. Sometimes the calmness is a nice break…and sometimes her videos are a bit boring.

Niki and Gabi Demartino

The Demartino twins share a channel. They make a good variety of videos, from song covers and paper routines to how to slay Coachella to the “eat it or wear it” challenge.

The most unique thing about them is that they love to sing. They even have their own song, “It.” They post many covers with music videos on their channel. They have covered “Hands To Myself,” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” among other songs.

They also have really funny videos, like “Things You Always Wanted to do as a Kid” and “Valentine’s Day Expectation vs. Reality.” Niki is a bohemian goddess, while Gabi loves everything pink and high fashion. Sometimes the twins can get very phony and annoying. They also do not live in L.A., so they do not collaborate with others that much.