Game Review: Super Mario

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Created by Nintendo, the video game classic Super Mario Bros. has a lot of fun in store. There are lots of fun and exciting challenges. This game has some secrets, too. One example is that when you reach the last step and do a special move, you gain infinite lives.

The game has evolved over the years, from version to version. It has changed from a little guy made of blocks to a guy jumping on blocks.

The first time I found out about Mario was when I went to my friend’s house. He asked me if I wanted to play Atari. I responded “yes,” and soon we were playing Donkey Kong. I liked the graphics and the characters, and asked if there were any similar games.

That is when he took out the Super Mario Bros.! It was amazingly fun! My huge accomplishment was when I completed level X-17.

This game has a couple other flaws, such as the graphics. You can not really see the characters in the first game, although they improve in the later games, such as Mario 3D, Luigi’s Mansion, etc.

Still, I think the first game was the best one. That is when Mario changed his profession from carpenter to plumber. Graphics or no graphics, Super Mario Bros. is a cool game.