Game Review: Stranded Deep

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Stranded Deep is an open-world island-survival game, released in 2015 on Steam, in which the player is the lone survivor of a plane crash who finds himself stranded in the South Pacific. The game was popular for a few months last year, when it seemed that everyone, his mom, his dog, and his pet rock were playing it.

I think that it still deserves attention. Developer Beam Team Games has added features to the gameplay, including sleep deprivation. Islands and waves now look more realistic. A revised map editor makes this version feel new.

The only flaw is that you often find yourself without any materials and in the middle of nowhere and then have to make a huge journey to a different island or edit the grid to bring an island closer. (When you open the game there is a map of your grid of islands, and you can create and move existing islands to different places.) Overall, the game is a great survival game with okay mechanics.