Music for Hungry Ears

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With there being so much music in the world, finding new music can be hard. We tend to stay within the same genres and artists. While finding your taste in music is important, it is also helpful to expand your music library. Expanding your music taste can introduce you to different cultures and people. Here is a list of six songs that can kickstart a newfound love of a different style or genre.

Tom Misch – Lost in Paris

Born in London, England in 1995, Misch first started to release music on SoundCloud in 2012. His first studio album, Geography, was released in 2018. 

About the music: Even within the alternative genre, his music stands out from the rest. His poetic lyrics and composition pull you in and take you along with the story. 

If you like this then you will also like: Anderson .Paak.

Khraungbin – Texas Sun

This trio from Houston, Texas, explores the intersection of different genres, including psychedelic, soul, and funk. The band first started with Laura Lee (bassist), Mark Speer (guitarist), and Donald Ray “DJ” Johnson Jr. (drummer).

About the music: Mostly instrumental. Every song and album varies so much from one another, though, that the band does not like to label the style or genre of their music; it is, however, heavily influenced by Thai funk. 

If you like this then you will also like: Babe Rainbow, a band which produces psychedelic pop with heavily instrumental music.

Hirie – You Won’t Be Alone

Hirie moved around a lot as a kid, which gave her the opportunity to experience different cultures and stories. Her rich cultural experience led her to pick up the guitar, as well as to gain an interest in reggae music and the culture around it. 

About the music: A mix of reggae and pop, as well as masterful composition of songs, leads to wonderful deep, rich music. 

If you like this then you will also like: Leilani Wolfgramm, whose music mirrors the depth of Hirie’s music, but who uses her own unique style and background to create her music.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra

Hiatus Kaiyote was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She plays lead guitar in her band Hiatus Kaiyote. She has always found herself pulled towards R&B and neo-soul.

About the music: Her vocals float on top of the instrumentals as they combine and create a melting effect for the listener. The music is easy to follow, yet mentally takes you to many different places. 

If you like this then you will also like: Thundercat. The music Thundercat creates has the same melting effect as Hiatus kaiyote. The main difference is that there is a larger presence of instruments than vocal.

Sergio Mendez – Mas Que Nada (feat. Gracinha Leporace)

Sergio Mendes was born in Brazil. He has been exposed and drawn to the bossa nova sound throughout his life. He now makes music and writes scores for movies like Rio. He has mixed the sounds of bossa nova and jazz to create a refined, beautiful sound.  

About the music: The music is an icon within Bossa Nova. You can put it on whenever and with whomever. As it is mostly instrumental, it is very easy to process and listen to.  

If you like this then you will also like: Rosalia de Souza, whose music mimics the sound and feel of Sergio’s, but has its own  own spin and flair.

Boyscott – Nova Scotia 500

When Boyscott was going to college in Nashville he did not think much of his music career, but when he was introduced to Noah Miller and Tiger Adams, he really started to believe in it. They started to make music in their small dorm room and it just grew from there.

About the music: It’s the perfect blend of surf rock, acoustic guitar, and summer camp nostalgia. The music flows very easily and can be listened to anywhere. It puts you in a good headspace and can make you feel good. 

If you like this then you will also like: Peach Pit’s music, which gives off the same vibes as Boyscott’s music. The main difference is that Boyscott’s music is very instrumental. Whereas Peach pit’s music is very lyrical.