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Magic in the Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight, the latest from director Woody Allen, is a love story starring Emma Stone as Sophie and Colin Firth as an Englishman named Stanley. They fall in love because of trickery. At the beginning, Stanley is a circus performer on a mission to outsmart Sophie, a clairvoyant mystic. After meeting Sophie, Stanley is amazed by her unstoppable power of a medium, which is a hint to prove Stanley wrong. This movie is a long journey where Stanley exploits the advice of Sophie about the mythical past of his family,  from the point of view of Stanley, how he sees Emma and how he is stunned with his discovery.

The turning point of the story is when the love story begins. They become wonderful friends but the friendship becomes something even more when Stanley’s car breaks down and they hide from the rain in an observatory while looking up to the star filled sky Sophie says, “you find that menacing, I’d say that it is very romantic.”

As Stanley escapes his own beliefs and enters the new world of imagination he follows Sophie’s lead to see his life in the filter of fantasy. As his horizons expands, and he sinks deeper into the arms of Sophie and considers proposing to her after spending only two or three weeks on with her. While Stanley falls he loses touch of the real world. For the first time in the film you see him in a state of pure happiness.  

As the story develops the characters dig deeper into the mysterious Sophie, they do not care if her powers are realistic or not, they only care about Sophie as a friend.  At the end of the movie Stanley exploits her powers but their relationship still stays the same, as good people and has as lifelong friends.