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Hurry Up, There’s a Line!

Hey you, yeah you, stop holding up the parking lot!

In the hustle and bustle of the end of the day; parents rushing to get their kids to sports practices, carpool drivers trying to pick up everyone in their carpool, and parents trying to get their kids to doctor’s appointments, the Sequoyah parking lot becomes hectic.  With about ten cars on the street in the Sequoyah-only lane, people waiting for a break in the traffic to leave the school. And drivers that are circling the Sequoyah parking lot – although not always correctly – people need to know how to act and what to do in the Sequoyah parking lot.

Sequoyah sends a back-to-school mailing in the middle of August, with one of the pages, among about 20 other pages, being a diagram of how to use the parking lot.  Because there are many pages, I feel that some parents skim over all of the pages they do not have to sign, and miss the other important information, especially about the parking lot.  If everyone knows how to use the parking lot and uses the system correctly, the pickup process will be much more efficient for everyone.

What drivers should do, if you don’t have the page from the back-to-school mailing, is pull up as far as you can, so that at least three or four cars can pick up at once.  By doing so, the parking lot moves a lot faster, and keeps cars off of the streets.  Students should be waiting and listening for their name to be called by the Day care staff.  Even though it may take a while until you, the student, gets into your car, wait where you’re supposed to be picked up!  As long as students can put all of their items into the car quickly, the students should not be responsible for holding up the parking lot.  And parents: do not help your kids get into your cars, they can most likely do it by themselves, and if they can’t, there are Day care staff there to help your kids.  Don’t get out of your car in the parking lot, especially if there are people behind you.   If you really do need to help your kids, park.

If your kid is not ready to be loaded into your car, go around the parking lot.  Even if you already have one student, and do not have the other student(s), go around again, or even park. This will keep the line moving, and the people that do have their student(s) will be able to leave. Teachers sometimes let their students out late, so don’t wait there for your student to get out of class. There are Sequoyah-only parking spots across the street at the church next to Von’s, so if the Sequoyah parking lot is full, and you need to park, go there!

Students, you may not have found this article relevant to you, but there are still things that you can do.  Tell your parents (and other people that pick you up) what to do in the parking lot.  Also, the one thing that you can try to do is to get to your car faster and get in your car faster, so that the line moves faster for everyone.

Parents, Students, and Teachers: it’s up to you whether the parking lot can be run effectively, so please do so.  If you still have the page from the back-to-school mailing, please read it very carefully, it tells you exactly how to use the Sequoyah parking lot.  I feel that if everyone follows these rules, the parking lot will move much quicker than it is currently.  The parking lot will be less crazy when people get out of it, so let them!  Make the end-of-day experience better for everyone by following the rules!