Game Review: Pac-Man

2 min read

I think that Pac-Man is a pretty cool game. Pac-Man was a very popular game after it came out 37 years ago on May 22, 1980. It appeared on one of the first video game consoles created, Atari.

Before Pac-Man, there were only games like Space Invaders, which is cool, but not as cool as Pac-Man. Personally, I do not like Space Invaders as much because Space Invaders has more of a mission. It is one of those games where you think, “OK, that was fun, now what?” Whereas with Pac-Man, you just play until you die, set a high score, and then try to do better. The game never ends!

Many people think that the subject of Pac-Man is to eat all of the ghosts. It is not. The real point is to eat all of the pellets. The ghosts just try to stop you. When you really eat all of the pellets, you get to the next level. Then, you play levels until you die. With each level, the ghosts get faster. By the third or fourth level, it gets pretty freaky.

People loved Pac-Man so much that they created songs, books, and movies about it. You can even find it mentioned in American history books. According to the Buckner & Garcia song from 1981 titled “Pac-Man Fever,” the only way to save yourself is to play the game. Pac-Man kind of cured its own fever. In 2015, a movie came out about Sam Brenner chasing Pac-Man called Pixels. (No one liked that movie.) There was also a Google Doodle where you could play Pac-Man in honor of the 30th anniversary of the game. In that Doodle, there was a double Pac-Man with Ms. Pac-Man. This made it challenging, because if she died, you died. Luckily, she was in the start box, which the ghosts could not get to until the second round.

There have been other games related to Pac-Man such as Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man’s wife, and Pac-Man Jr., his son. A bit later, some other Pacman games came out, such as Pac-Mania. Pac-Mania was like Pac-Man, except your view is focused on your player and does not let you see the entire board. It has some advantages too, though. For example, you can jump over Lego-like blocks and ghosts.