Don’t Let Carlos Do All of the Work!

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The other day, I saw Carlos Madrid, of the Sequoyah Facilities staff, sorting food out of the trash can, and I realized that he has to do this job all the time. According to Madrid, he has to do this job every single day. He shouldn’t have to do this disgusting job. I think people should be more aware of what they’re putting in the trash can. I mean, there’s a compost for a reason. 

A possible way that we can help Carlos and other staff avoid doing these nasty tasks is to have signs on the trash cans telling people what they can and cannot put in the trash cans. I think making these signs could be a really fun project that kids could get excited about.  If kids do something really creative with these signs, people would hopefully pay more attention to distributing trash and food into the correct bins.

Another option is proposing this problem to student government and challenging student government to create proposals that will make students more aware of composting. This might be an even better option than the signs because more students would be able to discuss the problem, and more people would be able to learn about the issue and correct themselves.

Either proposal works out perfectly because this year’s Habit of Mind is creativity. This project could be an awesome solution that supports and honors both service-learning and creativity.