Daycare Outrage for Healthier Snacks Backfired

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Daycare snacks are for the students who don’t get picked up immediately at 3:00pm after school. First snack is served at 3:30pm and second snack is served at 4:30pm.  The snacks are provided so the students can get a small meal before coming home to their parents The snacks that were provided for students last year were  unhealthy such as  pizza bagels, Gogurts, corn flakes. This year the snacks are healthier and include one veggie or fruit per snack, such as yogurt and fruit, and sandwiches. But the students who actually have to consume the food were happier last year compared to this year. “Last year because they has more stuff and they were yummier.” said Theo from the Over There classroom.  I do not understand the reasoning behind the healthier snack change, the only people who are satisfied more are the parents;  and they are not even eating the food they are just expecting their children to eat it. I was able to talk to Kelsey and her approach to the healthier snack change was because of the parents “Last year there more regular sweets, breakfast stuff.” Kelsey Whitmore.

Daycare staff believe that healthy is the best way to go with young students, and I bet most parents agree to that statement as well, but students think otherwise. Not standing in line does not help anyone. Daycare is paying for food that students choose not to eat which sends home hungry students and wastes school money. “They complain before they try it,” said Beatriz Lagunas former Day Care staff member. Some students do not even want to try it and they do not even try the food and the students are not standing inline which leaves the school spending extra money and having extra snack. I believe one of the reasons students do not stand inline because they do not see breakfast cereal, pizza bagels, and Gogurts available so the students see healthy as a turn off.

Standing in line at Daycare is never pleasurable–small children shoving you back and forth,  the voices of unhappy children waiting for the snack, people complaining about what kind of food is going to be served, and all of the people who sign in and accept the snack that Day Care provides. After consuming your small-portioned snack, you do not feel satisfied,  you feel betrayed.  It is not enough food. Is Daycare trying to save money? I believe that Daycare snacks should have healthy substances but can also appeal to the students who do stand in line and are served with the snack they will eat.