Letter from the Editor: A Website for The Barefoot Times

2 min read

About three years ago I spearheaded an effort to start a website for both The Barefoot Times and The Daily Gryphon, with both sites containing the printed content in a digital form. No one browsed the sites (except me), the domain expired, and nothing has replaced it. That has now changed.

Now that The Barefoot Times has a larger staff, currently at 15 reporters and editors, I decided it was time to revive the website. I am again spearheading the effort, but with a better outlook, new domain, and new design. The new domain you ask? It is bt.gryphon.media. The new design? Well, you will just have to check it out for yourself.

All content from this issue as well as the previous issue are posted on the website, with more content coming soon. Additionally, we are now able to publish content that may be time-sensitive, like updates from Social Innovation Program teams or sports teams. And for articles that are printed first, they will be posted online at the same time the first copy of the printed issue is handed out. Keep an eye on the website for articles published between printed issues.

The new website offers many features printed issues never could, like interactive maps, videos, more photos, article sharing, comments, hyperlinks, article submissions, and, something The Daily Gryphon has held against us for a while, less paper (and no staples at all!).

Also, if you like to write and have an @sequoyahschool.org email, submit an article through a form on the website (link is both at the top and bottom of the website). If you have an idea for an article but do not like writing, you are also able to submit article tips through the same form. Now you can be an occasional or one-time part of The Barefoot Times without coming to our pesky lunch meetings. Currently article submissions and tips are only open to faculty members and students.

I hope you check out our website. If you have any suggestions for the website, follow the form on the website to Contact the Editor.