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Vt. Sen. Sanders Regains Lead in Latest Poll of Sequoyah Students

Following a poll The Barefoot Times conducted among Sequoyah students in January, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has taken the lead among polled Sequoyah students, with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who has since suspended his campaign, tied for second place. The January poll was conducted with 29 Sequoyah students from January 11 through January 17.

Who has gained support since December?

Progressive Senator Sanders took the lead again (34.5%) among Sequoyah students, with his support registering just under his October levels (35.4%). Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg rose 2.7% in the latest poll, bringing him to a distant fourth place with 6.9%. Entrepreneur Yang’s support from Sequoyans shot up to 20.69% (a rise of over 8%), but Yang has since ended his presidential campaign. President Donald Trump regained support among Sequoyah students, registering at 3.45% in January’s poll.

Who has lost support since December?

As the race tightens, many candidates have lost support among Sequoyah poll respondents since December. Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lose support, only registering at 3.45% now (down from 4.17% last month). Senator Warren lost 8.48% of her support, leading her to tie with Yang in second place at 20.69%.

Which candidates are best on the issues Sequoyans care most about?

On the climate crisis, respondents overwhelmingly (65.5%) said Sanders had better policy than Biden (3.4%), Warren (6.9%), and Trump (3.4%). While Sanders also beat out the other candidates on immigration (37.9%), healthcare (44.8%), and foreign policy (24.1%), respondents’ opinions were more split. Warren was close behind on the best candidate for foreign policy, and many students had no opinion on the best candidate on immigration policy.

Who are students’ second- and third-choice candidates?

Among Sanders’ supporters, Warren and Yang continue to lead as second choices. Of students who said they support Warren, Buttigieg leads as a second choice, with Sanders in a not-too-distant third. Yang’s former supporters overwhelmingly supported Sanders as their second choice, with Warren as another top second choice.

Among the national frontrunners, how do Democrats fare against President Trump?

While Warren, Sanders, and Biden all beat Trump in a head-to-head matchup, Sanders has the best chance among Sequoyah respondents. 96.4% of respondents said they would vote for Sanders over Trump, with 3.6% of respondents saying they would support Trump.

Warren beats Trump 93.1% to 3.4% (with 3.4% undecided), while Biden leads Trump 86.2% (with 10.3% undecided).

The raw data from The Barefoot Times’ January poll is available here.

The Barefoot Times will continue to poll Sequoyah students until May.