Sequoyah Students Participate in 2020 Primaries in Mock Election

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While most Sequoyah students were not eligible to vote on Super Tuesday, from March 3 through March 4, 31 Sequoyah students voted in the 2020 primaries in a mock election run by The Barefoot Times. Most (93.5%) of Sequoyah students identified as a Democrat, while a small number (6.5%) did not provide a party preference. Results from the mock election are listed below.

Shall the measure amending Chapter 3.79 of the Los Angeles County Code to revise the duties and powers of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission to investigate Sheriff-related issues, compel production of records and witnesses, review and evaluate the Office of the Inspector General’s handling of complaints, and develop a recommended jail plan, be adopted?

LOS ANGELES COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT 911 FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC EMERGENCY RESPONSE MEASURE. Shall an ordinance ensuring local firefighter/paramedic emergency response, involving house fires, wildfires, heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents, to hire/train firefighter/paramedics, upgrade/replace aging firefighter safety equipment, vehicles, facilities, life-saving rescue tools, and emergency communications technology, by levying 6 cents per square foot of certain parcel improvements, providing $134 million annually, limited to 2% annual adjustment, until ended by voters, exempting low-income seniors, with independent citizens oversight, be adopted?

AUTHORIZES BONDS FOR FACILITY REPAIR, CONSTRUCTION, AND MODERNIZATION AT PUBLIC PRESCHOOLS, K-12 SCHOOLS, COMMUNITY COLLEGES, AND UNIVERSITIES. LEGISLATIVE STATUTE.​​ Authorizes $15 billion in state general obligation bonds for construction and modernization of public education facilities. Fiscal Impact: Increased state costs to repay bonds estimated at about $740 million per year (including interest) over the next 35 years.

Official county results as of 3/6/2020 4:02:22 PM