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SeQUIZah’s Highlights

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2:40pm: Our team is going to need some time to crunch the numbers and review the submissions. We will announce the winners at a future Morning Meeting. What I will say is that this was a highly competitive event. So much so that we don’t know anything definitely yet!

2:25pm: LAST CALL ON EVERYTHING! Come join us in the Q&A Room afterwards if you’d like and make sure to finish listening to Hannah’s set. Thanks everyone for playing, we had a really fun time!

2:00pm: 30 minutes left!!! There are still a LOT of points available in the form of Top-of-the-Hour Events and Stumpers. We will only accept submissions until the end of the last song (roughly 2:30pm). Make sure to get them in!

12:52pm: Keep working on those Stumper questions, we only have two correct answers so far. I’ll email you once you get one correct. Remember, you can submit one guess for each of the four locations each hour.

12:37pm: There are some fantastic Top-of-the-Hour Events starting to come in. Remember, you have until 2:30pm to submit these, not just one hour.

11:52am: The trivia questions will slowly be getting harder, keep at it!

11:28am: Remember to submit some form of proof (like a piece of paper saying”SeQUIZah”) on your scavenger hunt submissions

10:32am: Check out some of the highlight photos and videos coming in via the gallery below. I’ll continue updating it with some of my favorites as I have time.

9:58am: Y’all are killing it! We are receiving a FLOOD of scavenger hunt items. Reminder, you can only submit a scavenger hunt item once. Keep up the good work!

Vague Updates

Want to know how your team is doing? We will be posting occasional vague, and currently unverified, rankings here.

At 12:44pm

  • It’s SUPER close, with 6 teams all currently within 200 points of each other


Below is a list of all the ongoing “Top-of-the-Hour” Event, Spontaneous Synchronous Sessions, and the Scavenger Hunt List

For 400 points

Recreate a video of the Back to the Future scene when Marty McFly plays Johnny B Goode for the  “Enchantment Under the Sea” prom

  • Must include at least 6 different members from your team
  • Costumes are encouraged
  • Submit the video using the SeQUIZah Response Form
  • Bonus points if everyone on your team makes an appearance on camera
  • Bonus points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as judged by the Field Studies team
  • If you have any questions, please visit us in the Q&A Zoom Room

Good morning SeQUIZahn’s, the scavenger hunt is now live. You can find a PDF of the list here. A couple reminders about the scavenger hunt:

  • All items need to be submitted using the SeQUIZah Response Form
  • You must show some sort of proof that you found this item, either by including yourself in the picture/video OR writing out your team name on a piece of paper and including that in the picture/video
  • It’s a good idea to communicate with your teammates about who is looking for each item
  • Consider what each of you might have available in your homes. Probably not everyone will have all the necessary items
  • Please review the safety rules below when venturing outside
  • If you have any questions, please visit us in the Q&A Zoom Room

The Stumper

The stumper is a high value, extra challenging trivia question. We will be releasing increasingly helpful hints each hour to help you answer the stumper questions. Your team will get to submit one answer to each of the four stumpers every time a new hint is released using the SeQUIZah Response Form. There will be a total of 5 hints over the next 5 hours.

Here’s the stumper:

“What city and state are each of the four Field Studies team members currently located?”

Different points will be awarded based on the order your team correctly guesses each stumper.

1st place team gets 100 points

2nd place team gets 80 points

3rd place team gets 65 points

Every other team that correctly answers gets 50 points

So the sooner you can correctly answer the Stumper the better! David will send you an email ONLY if your team has submitted a correct Stumper answer.

A few other helpful tips:

  • You don’t need to submit your guesses to all four of the Stumpers at the same time
  • You only get ONE guess for each of the four Stumpers every time a new hint is released (roughly every hour)
  • As always, if you have any questions, please visit us in the Q&A Zoom Room

Remember, the question to answer is, “what city and state are each of the four Field Studies team members currently located?”

Stumper, all rounds of Hints:


  1. “The zip code of my home shares the same numbers as the zip code of Sequoyah’s K8 campus.”
  2. “If you wanted to be the first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean, and needed a plane, you’d probably get one in the city where I live.”
  3. “My city is also home to Disney.”
  4. “There are a total of 30 AMC theater screens nearby.”
  5. “When I look out my windows I can see the Verdugo Mountains to the north and the Wisdom Tree to the south.”


  1. “In my current location, every summer you can find monarch caterpillars roaming the local milkweed.”
  2. “I am in the epicenter of geographic portmanteaus! I am near a city named for another state and I am in a town that combines the names of multiple states.”
  3. “I am on a timeline and a stateline”
  4. “Looking out my window I can see a large lake!”
  5. “I am near the second to newest designated national park in the US.”


  1. “I am within 87 miles of an international airport.”
  2. “My Location has a twin city in England.”
  3. “I am currently located in a place where many tin miners from England came to settle.”
  4. “I am in a county that allowed the last dead or alive posters.”
  5. “I live in the city with the oldest existing theater in California.”


  1. “I would have to drive almost exactly two hundred miles to get to the Pacific Ocean”
  2. “I am within 25 miles of a popular ski resort.”
  3. “The ski resort I live near was once an active volcano.”
  4. “I am in a city that is along a river that covers most of the watershed for the east side of the northern end of the Cascade Mountain Range.”
  5. “If I look out my window I can see 3 prominent peaks known as the Three Sisters!”

For 300 points

The concept of a Rube Goldberg Machine is to complete an otherwise very simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. Check out this at home example, or this slightly more complicated version from Ok Go for inspiration.

To complete this challenge, you must:

  • Create a Rube Goldberg Machine that completes some simple task in a complicated way
  • Your machine must “change screens” at least 2 times. That means one person builds a machine to start and they must build some mechanism to “pass” the machine to another person, who then passes it at least one more time
  • Your machine must include at least 5 items from the following list. You can use any additional items you want
    • A kitchen utensil
    • Something from your bedroom
    • Toilet paper
    • A vegetable
    • A shoe
    • A bicycle
    • A plastic cup
    • A hairbrush
    • A fan
    • Something that’s typically worn on one’s head
  • Submit a video showing the entire process of your machine
  • Bonus points will be awarded based on the complexity and creativity of your machine

For 300 points

Prepare a Michelin 6-star meal (because… why stop at 3 stars?)

6 teams members collaborate and design the meal together

  • Person #1 – designs a menu describing the meal
  • Person #2 – creates and cooks an appetizer
  • Person #3 – creates and cooks a side
  • Person #4 – creates and cooks an entree
  • Person #5 – creates a drink
  • Person #6 – creates and bakes a dessert
  • As a group, record and present your meal. Get guest stars to provide critique to each component. Submit the video using the SeQUIZah form
  • Bonus points awarded for creative presentations, well coordinated items, beautiful menu design, and creating delicacies we would all want to eat

For 200 points

As our last Top-of-the-Hour Event, choose between the following two options to create a video including at least 2 people from your team

  • A John Krasinski-esq “Some Good News” video
  • Planet Earth-style video about an animal(s) and/or plant(s) at home

Submit your video using the SeQUIZah Response Form


  • You will be competing as a team with your advisory members
  • We will start at 9:30 AM and finish at 2:30 PM – please use this zoom link to join us at 9am for rules on Thursday
  • This is a 5 hour trivia / scavenger hunt / events and random challenges competition!
  • There are three very important links:
    • The Barefoot Times page (what you’re looking at): This is where you can refresh yourself on any rules. You’ll also find information about ongoing event challenges on this page
    • KAWW Sequoyah: Listen closely to our guest student DJs as they provide background music, announce a new trivia question every 6 minutes, and slip in other important updates
    • The SeQUIZah Response Form: This is where you’ll submit your trivia answers, event keywords or uploads, and scavenger hunt items
  • You can also visit us using this Zoom link if you have any questions along the way

Additional information can be found in the tabs below

What you need to know

  • Trivia questions will be read live on KAWW Sequoyah roughly every 6 minutes
  • Make sure at least one person from your team is listening for the questions, as they WON’T be posted anywhere after they are read
  • Your team will have roughly 6 minutes to submit an answer to that trivia question using the SeQUIZah Response Form. Your team can only submit ONE answer per trivia question
  • Answers submitted after the next trivia question is read will not count – you only have 6 minutes!
  • Your team will receive 10 points for each correctly answered question
  • The questions will get increasingly more challenging throughout the day


  • Use whatever tools and resources you have available to answer the questions (Google, books, friends, advisor…)
  • Keep track of each trivia question by writing it down or recording it. Not only will this help you answer the questions, but it might be necessary in the future 😉

What you need to know

Events offer your team an opportunity to win big! There will be two types of events offered throughout the day, “Top-of-the-Hour” Events and Spontaneous Synchronous Sessions.

Top-of-the-Hour Events

At the top of each hour, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, we will be announcing a new event in the “ONGOING EVENTS” section above. These are high point value events that require a significant amount of time from one or more people. Each “Top-of-the-Hour” Event will have complete details outlined in its respective tab. All “Top-of-the-Hour” Events must be submitted using the SeQUIZah Response Form by 2:30 PM. Any submissions after 2:30 PM will not be counted.

Spontaneous Synchronous Sessions

Unlike the “Top-of-the-Hour” Events, you’ll have to pay close attention to KAWW Sequoyah for announcements of when these sessions are offered. They will be announced live, and updated information will be available in the “ONGOING EVENTS” section above. To successfully complete a Spontaneous Synchronous Session, you must send at least one member from your team to participate. As these are participatory events, members who attend are required to turn on their video. If you are unable to use your video then please send a different member of your team. They will receive a keyword to submit using the form at the completion of the activity.


  • Events will happen simultaneously with the trivia and scavenger hunt
  • Some events might even happen simultaneously with each other!
  • Consider how you can best delegate each of your team members most effectively based on their skills and interest

What you need to know

You can find a PDF of the list here. The scavenger hunt list includes a total of roughly 50 obscure, silly, and forgotten items. Proof, in the form of a video of photo, must be submitted via the SeQUIZah Response Form. Submitted photos must include something to indicate it came from you, such as a piece of paper with your team name written on it.


  • Make a copy of the scavenger hunt list that you can share with your teammates
  • Communicate with your teammate about who is looking for each item
  • Consider what each of you might have available in your homes, probably not everyone will have all the necessary items

General rules (following them = more safe & fun for everyone!)

  • Safety First! If an event or scavenger hunt requires you to go outside, all social distancing rules must be followed. These include staying at least 6 feet away from people not in your household, wearing a mask any time you leave your home, washing your hands frequently, and not touching your face. If you are not able to follow these rules then let someone else from your advisory complete that task. Thanks for making sure your health is the first priority.
  • Have a question? Send Brian an email ([email protected]) or visit us at this Zoom link and we will go from there.

Getting Ready

  1. Switch to your advisors ZOOM room
  2. Come up with a team name
  3. Send David ([email protected]) an email with your advisories team name along with a link to the Zoom room you’ll be using for your advisory
  4. As a group, review the rules again and consider what strategies might be most successful for your team
  5. Tune in to KAWW Sequoyah
  6. Use the bathroom, grab a big glass of water (stay hydrated!), and get ready to start at 9:30 AM