Library Redo Has More Space, Fewer Shelves

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Over the summer, Head Librarian Dornel Cerro changed the configuration of the library by reducing the number of shelves and moving shelves to the periphery of the room to make more space in the center of the library. Around 50 books were put in in storage to make the space. The books are still available upon request. Most of them, Cerro said, are nature books for camping trips.

Students and teachers had different feelings about this change. Nadia Trinidad, Out Back student, said that “I think it was a good idea, even though they had to get rid of books. It was getting crowded and it was hard to find what you were looking for.” 

 Out Back student Olivia Brown says, “I don’t like the new configuration. I’ve been at Sequoyah for a while, and it’s hard to find books.”

At least one teacher appreciated the opening up of the room’s center. “The library has much more space for lessons now,” said Jeff Radt, the Nest’s lead teacher.