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2020 Presidential Election Heats up as Ma. Senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg Catch up to Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders

Following a poll The Barefoot Times conducted among Sequoyah students in November, the latest poll shows that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is now tied with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in support from Sequoyah students. The November poll was conducted with 37 Sequoyah students from November 13 through November 19.

Who has gained support since October?

Progressive Senators Sanders and Warren are now tied with 24.3% support of survey respondents. Sanders’ support went down 15.2%, while Warren rose 8%. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg gained 7.3% in the latest poll (now at 18.9%). Billionaire and environmentalist Tom Steyer registered some support among Sequoyah students in the latest poll with 2.7% of respondents supporting him.

Who has lost support since October?

Other candidates have lost support among Sequoyah poll respondents since October. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang went down 0.8% to bring him to 10.8%. Former Vice President Joe Biden lost 3.9%, which brings his support to 5.4%. California Senator Kamala Harris, who dropped out of the race on December 3, and President Donald Trump both dropped in the latest poll to 2.7% each.

Why do students support their first-choice candidates?

Nearly ⅓ (32.4%) of students who responded said that they support their first-choice candidate at least partly because their parents also support that candidate. An overwhelming majority (83.7%) of respondents also said they resonate with their first-choice candidates’ policies. 5.4% of respondents said the sole reason they support their first-choice candidates is due to name recognition.

Who are students’ second- and third-choice candidates?

Among Warren supporters, Harris and Sanders lead as second choices. Similar to October, an overwhelming majority of Sanders supporters list Warren as their second-choice candidate. Among Buttigieg’s supporters, Warren, Sanders, and Biden lead as second-choice candidates.

Among the national frontrunners, how do Democrats fare against President Trump?

While Biden, Sanders, and Warren all beat Trump in a head-to-head matchup, Sanders has the best chance. 97.2% of respondents said they would vote for Sanders over Trump, with only 2.8% of respondents unsure as to whom they would support.

Warren beats Trump 91.7% to 2.8% (with 5.6% undecided), while Joe Biden leads Trump 88.9% to 2.8% (with 8.3% undecided).

The raw data from The Barefoot Times’ November poll is available here.

The Barefoot Times continue to poll Sequoyah students every month until at least the California Democratic primary in March 2020.