Thoughts by Lola

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  1. Why were vests invented, when you can just wear a jacket?
  2. Do ant-eaters only eat ants?
  3. Why does the whole world not use military time? (It makes more sense!)
  4. If frogs can live underwater and on land, why can I not?
  5. Does England like Harry Potter as much as America does?
  6. Why did Steve Jobs wear turtlenecks? Are they really comfortable?
  7. Why is there not a zodiac sign for each month?
  8. Are dogs really colorblind?
  9. What do other countries think of America?
  10. Is Barefoot Times editor Ozzy Simpson’s spirit animal an otter? (Is this an answerable question?)
  11. How many people live in Antarctica? Do they get lonely?
  12. Are mules rare?
  13. Are crawfish just small lobsters?
  14. Do shrimp think of crawfish as their cousins?