Anti-Anti Train Organization: 2018 Q1–Q2 Report

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Reduce train attacks in the United States of America to an all time low. 

As you know there have been a multitude of train attacks this year ranging from a derailment in Washington State to multiple collisions with cars on normal Union Pacific owned railways. However, the margin of train attacks prevented to the train attacks succeeded isn’t as significant as we had hoped for. In our book, this is a victory, but a bittersweet one. 


The AATO has been in negotiations with the Russian Ministry of Transportation and The Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, to begin our international program. The first stage of the program will be focused on the logistics and sheer scale of protecting the Trans-Siberian Railroad. This will be the largest project we have attempted to take on and we are working around the clock behind the scenes to tackle all possible issues surrounding this enormous endeavor.

International Expansion Plan

Our agents will be focusing on protecting the Trans Mongolian Line from Moscow to Beijing. The extremely varied terrain and nine day travel time will provide a challenging and diverse set of problems and scenarios to train our agents for. Along the 4,735 miles of track, the train passes through steep mountains, thick forests, and vast plains.

Our Future

The AATO strives to improve and evolve at every and any opportunity possible. It is for this reason we are ecstatic to announce that we have now partnered with SpaceX to bring forth the first railway onto Mars. This will be AATO’s first railway construction endeavor. During the course of last year, we have been closely collaborating with Mr. Musk on the logistics of transportation, cost, and space. We expect the new Mars Line will start construction in 2024 as part of SpaceX’s second mission to Mars, hoping to establish the first Mars base. The implementation of railways on Mars will make transportation accessible and extremely effective. We look forward to growing with all of you.